I am no man's bosom...

Adventure Time group RP!

Please be sure to check out the links to the right before considering to join us! We would love it if you would though! C:

Feel free to message us if you want to reserve a character!



It’s nice that a lot of the characters have been filled….but not man people have been being active. :C I haven’t either, I’m sorry. I’ve been working.

But please try to be on more. It’s important! I’m going to try my best to be too.

If you aren’t interested anymore, please send me a message. If you keep being inactive for awhile, you’re out. Thank you!

-EKO (Fionna)

problemsleuths said: Can I reserve Princess Bubblegum?

You bet you can! :D

adventurerfinn-deactivated20111 said: Hey hey hey. :D

Welcome aboard Finn the Human! C: